Physics Research

At Truman, you have ample opportunities to engage in research with a faculty mentor. Physics majors also take advantage of Research Experience for Undergraduates sites at various universities and national labs. Student research usually culminates with a presentation at a local, state, or national professional conference.

Faculty Research

Colin DeGraf

Using large-scale simulations to study how the universe evolves, particularly focused on supermassive black holes: how they form, grow, and merge together, as well as how they interact with the galaxies where they are located. Additional studies include gravitational waves, galaxy formation, and large scale structure of the universe. Most research is based on analysis of already-completed simulations, but some can involve running new simulations.

Taner Edis

Various theoretical and computational projects. Currently we are building a toy model to explore some basic questions about cosmology, entropy, and time-reversal symmetry.

Michael Goggin

Experimental, theoretical and computational projects involving quantum optics, nonlinear dynamics, and the classical-quantum transition.

Vayujeet Gokhale

Astrophysics; Formation and evolution of compact binary stars; Population synthesis of binary stars;  Accretion disks; Planet formation and habitable  planets;  Astronomy; CCD Photometry; variable stars.

Rasanjali Jayathissa

Investigation of non-toxic, low-cost alternatives to replace toxic and expensive dyes used in current polymer-based dye-sensitized solar cells.

Tim Wiser

Computational and theoretical research concerning dark matter, precision tests of gravity, axions and relaxions.