International Studies Minor Program Mission

Mission Statement for International Studies Minor Program

The International Studies Minor program encourages the Truman community to be globally aware, engaged and to aspire to a meaningful and deepened identification with communities beyond the borders of the United States, their own rich internal diversity, art, language and means of sustainability. The International Studies Minor program builds on the commitment to intercultural sensitivity mandated in every student’s Liberal Studies program.  It sees the Intercultural Perspectives course requirement as an official recognition that liberally educated students must learn to value the strengths, beauties, and core humanity of unexplored cultures, and to resist ethnocentric biases.  It is charged with sustaining and enhancing an atmosphere in which global thinking becomes habitual. It enables a student to realize the relevance of other communities’ values, beliefs and problems.  It extends the students’ sense of personal identity beyond one’s own distinctive geographically defined nation and society.

We also seek to encourage the Truman community become aware of the changing and impactful trends of international interactions and rising interdependence in a globalizing and increasingly interdependent world, especially vis-à-vis its potential benefits and harms as well as how these trends may impact global, regional, and local citizenship.  To these ends, the ISM program supports a series of Global Issues Colloquia, supervises the International Studies Minor, encourages students and faculty to dig deeply into foreign languages and cultures, and promotes the work of the International Student Office and the Study Abroad Office