Spring 2022

Richard Ables, “French Influence on Early Modern Germany Jurisprudence Concerning the Jews”

Elias Burrough, “The Cherokee and the Conflict Within”

Devin Chau, “Gender at the Fair: How the Human Exhibits at the 1904 World’s Fair Interacted with Early 20th Century Understandings of Gender”

Emma Christensen, “The Agricultural Adjustment Act and Adair County”

Mika Craig, “What Do Novels Add to the Study of the Chiapas Rebellion?” 

Amanda Denno, “The Societal, Architectural, and Monarchical Changes During the Hundred Years’ War in England and France”

Adam Groh, “Newspapers in the Gilded Age”

Eric Leimer, “Changing Lands: Euro Americans and the Louisiana Purchase”

Sydney Luther, “Examining the United States and Native American Federal Relations Through Treaties and Court Cases Between 1778–1883”

Lauren McCollum, “Who is to Blame for the Homestead Strike? An Analysis of the Letters Between Andrew Carnegie and Henry Frick”

Franklin Morris, “Creationist Anti-Communism: How the First Red Scare Changed the 1920s Debate on Darwinism”                 

Deegan Rodriguez, “The Anglo-German Naval Arms Race”

Josh Rohlfing, “Residential and School Integration: The Effects of Busing in Saint Louis”

Luke Stock, “The Jesuit Relations’ Role in the French Colonization of North America”

Carolyn Wehmeyer, “The T4 Program and Sterilization: Disabilities During the Holocaust and its Impact on Disability Studies”

Christina Woelk, “German Rhinelanders Attitudes Post-World War I”