Spring 2021

Eli Avery, “The Pillar of Orthodoxy (Emperor Justinian)”

Mason Chandler, “Maintaining Community: African American Family during the Great Migration, 1915–1930”

Levi Cullifer, “Moral Censorship in the Golden Age of Hollywood: How American Morality Created Hollywood Secrets in Hiding Sexual Deviancy in its Actors and on Film 1927–1960”

Raymond Featherston,

Shannon Fetzner, “Cowboys and Indians and Eugenicists: Common Stereotypes of Indians in Early Twentieth-Century Pulp Magazines and the US Eugenics Movement”

Jacob Gronemyer, “The Cultural Struggle of the Uyghurs Versus the Political Imperialism of China”

Angeline Hansen, “Ministers’ Perceptions of the Nation on the Brink of the American Revolution”

John Jones, “From Privilege to Persecution: The Christianization of the Roman Empire in the Fourth Century CE  and Its Impact on Jewish Oppression”

Charles Lee, “Show Trials and Tribulations: Postwar West German Denazification and the Effects of Forced and Voluntary Cultural Overhaul on Different Generational Groups”

Cooper Manns, “What We Romans Are Like”

Michael Meyers, “Unchecked Executive Power: How the Reagan Administration Became Involved in a Central American Drug Ring”

Alek Nikitow, “Romanian Heritage: Tracing Twentieth-Century Liberalism”

Sonja Ramberg,

Tom Sebacher, “Burning a Convent: The Riot at Mount Benedict and Early American Gender Relations”

Tessa Sottile, “The Secret Life of the Colonial American Teenager: A Microhistory Comparative Analysis between the Puritans and Quakers through the Eyes of Two Adolescent Girls”

Travis Stahlman, “The Tale of Two Tables: The Culinary Evolution of Germany in the Cold War”

Elle Swim, “‘To India’: Feminism, Imperialism, and Nationalism in the Indian Women’s Movement”

Nora Vegiard, “Buying Trash: How Perceptions of Waste Changed in the 20th Century”

Ryley Wilson, “Attitudes on Gender and Sexuality in America, 1880s–1920s”