Spring 2020

Juleighanne Adams, “Heavy Lies A Heart That Wears a Crown: The Love Life of Marie Antoinette”

Peyton Beasley, “The Exclusion of the Comfort Women Issue in the Tokyo Trials”

Tucker Broadbooks, “Dead in Name, but not in Spirit: Western Perceptions of Soviet Politics in the Early Post-Stalin Era”

Karis Chapman, “Determination, Authority, and Modernization: Female Physicians and Societal Transformation in Late Imperial Russia”

Shane Gallagher, “The Truth about Irish Religion From 1830 to 1930 in Adair County”

Max Grasser, “Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union: A Continuation of Imperial Policy”

Sarah Kimbrough, “The Influence of Women in Eugenic Field Work”

Ryan Kottmann, “The Fight Against Housing Segregation in Three Midwest Cities: What Worked, What Did Not, and Why?”

Joe Mattivi, “The Socialist Effect on Woodrow Wilson”

Dalaney Plott, “Healing Through Nursing: Vera Brittain’s Nursing Years as a Coping Mechanism for Personal Loss and Trauma”

Hannah Pohl, “The Nobility of Sacrifice: The Fracture of Gender Roles in England During World War One”

Claire Reinert, “‘Bought and Sold For English Gold’: An Analysis of Union Opposition in Scotland”

Garrett Ryan, “Silver Foxes: The Significance of Gray Hair and Masculinity in the Middle Ages”

Andrew Stewart, “State Sponsored Buddhism and the Honji-Suijaku Theory: Equal Parts in Shaping Japan’s Religious Climate”

Adam Vonarx, “Brutality and Cruelty of the Mongolian Empire”

Emily Walters, “A City in Ashes: The 1812 Burning of Moscow During Napoleon’s Russia Campaign”

Will Wood, “Far from the Final Frontier: An Examination of Female Portrayals from Counter-Cultural Directors”