Spring 2019

Nick Allison, “Presidential Involvement in Labor Disputes and Taft-Hartley”

Angela Caldwell, “An Afterthought: The Communist Party of the United States of America’s Stance on Race Equality For African Americans”

Christina Davis, “New Russia? The Power Shift in Russia 1989–2000”

Xavier Diaz, “Controlling The Narrative: How Andrew Jackson Won The American Presidency”

Max Evans, “Wilson the Not-so-idealist?: A Look at the American Influence on the Dissolution of Austria-Hungary”

Jared Favero, “A Face Only the Motherland Couldn’t Love: Veteran Struggles in the Soviet Union”

Lance Hickman, “The Truceless War: A New Interpretation”

Joseph Hite, “Hardened Resolve: The Role of the Soviet Prison System in Growing the Underground Church”

Kasey Hohlt, “Hildegard of Bingen’s Fight for Women on the Social Hierarchy: A New Perspective”

Heather Kopp, “Collective Security or Colonialism: The Formulation of the United Nations”

Katie Litschgi, “A Complicated Relationship: Amish and Mennonite Engagement and Perceptions during WWII”

Daniel Livingstone,  “An Evaluation of Mexican Liberalism following Santa Anna”

Luna Lowery: “San Patricios as a Case Study of America’s Response to Mass Immigration”

Anne Morgan, “Tropical Pathologies, Neo-Lamarckism, and the Early Twentieth Century Campaigns Against Hookworm”

Levi Pollreisz, “Pinochet and Chile: A Case Study on Non-European Fascism”

Cassandra Schimpf, “What’s Wrong With Being a Queen: The Role of Legitimacy and Gender in Debates of 16th Century Tudor Queenship”

Ben Smythe, “All the King’s Men: Abraham Lincoln, George McClellan, Ulysses S. Grant, and the War to Save the Union”

Andrew john Snider, “The Triangle of Diplomatic Distrust: Mexico, The United States, and Germany, 1910-1917”

Curt Wichmer, “Between Sexual Repression and Heresy: Bigamy’s Role in the Spanish Inquisition”