Spring 2018

Amanda Barringhaus, “Lincoln and Race”

William Brazeal, “Richard I; King of England: Leadership of the Lionheart” 

Austin Dovin, “Charles Haddon Spurgeon and the Down Grade”

Jordan Dunn, “The Legal Obligations of the Russian Peasantry Before and After Emancipation”

Lauren Hogan, “Divergent Paths: American Intervention and Outcomes in Cuba and Afghanistan”

Zoe Honeck, “The Crusader for the Boer Republic: Emily Hobhouse and Her Motivation for the Intervention of the British Concentration Camps”

Lena Leuci, “The Women Airforce Service Pilots in the First Person: Reconceptualizing the Woman Pilot Identity, World War II to Present”

Kiersten Michel, “Sherman’s March to the Sea: Was it Really All That Crucial?”

Lucas Payne, “What About the Children: The Formation of the Satanic Panic”

Rebecca Neihouse, “Humble and Kind?: An Analysis of the Beliefs of Massachusetts Educators on my Moral Education in Common Schools”

Elizabeth Robinson, 

Dakota Schutter, “Native American Veterans Return to America”

Shane Strode, “The St. Louis Irish Catholic Community of the 1890s and Its Responses to American Identity”

Dan Stupp-Ratican, “Hank Thompson and the Baseball Hall of Fame”

Ben Wallis, “The Moving Contradiction: The Status of Marxism in the Black Panther Party”  

Jordan Webber, “Betty Ford After the White House: The Personal is Public”