Spring 2017

Samantha Barnhart: “First Wave Feminism and the Eugenics Movement: A History of Conflict and Cooperation”

Quentin Bishop: “What If Pearl Harbor Never Happened”

Mason Bracken: “Braudel and Marxism: A Comparative Analysis”

Conor Browne: “Depictions of Native Americans in Regional Newspapers in the Early 1830s”

Ceile Cassidy: “An Unpredictable Necessity: Reproductive Control in the Early 20th Century”

Cheyenne Detjen: “Disunity, Disconnect, and Distance: Building the 1904 World’s Fair”

Melanie Dippold: “Women’s Perspectives of Religion on the American Frontier”

Dustin Dyer: “The Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill and Its Impact on the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s”

Stephanie Ferguson: “From Jim Crow to the Moon: How the Space Age Influenced the Civil Rights Movement”

Christian Flanery: “Ukrainian Nationalism and the Greek Catholic Church”

Alex Garber: “The Lord Protector: A Government of Questionable Legitimacy”

Alec Graham: “The Creek Nation: Transformation and Division”

Maggie Mortensen: “The Lost Girls: Women in the Face of China’s Reeducation Movement”

Frank Mott: “G.I. JO: An Evaluation of the Training and Performance of U.S. Army Junior Officers in Vietnam”

Annie Nickrent: “All that Glitters: Opposition to the Conservation Movement and the Hetchy Valley Controversy”

Travis Rolstead: “The Relations of Muslims, Jews, and Christians in Islamic Spain: How Political Instability Led to Continuous Conflict, Both Inside and Outside Religious and Ethnic Groups”