Spring 2016

Thomas J. Barrow, “When the War Does not End: The Development of Care for PTSD”

Emma J. Burton, “Self-Portrait of a Dynasty: How the Habsburgs Regarded their Monarchy”

Kayleen M. Green, “Teaching the Civil War: A Critical Examination of High School Textbooks Used between 1880–1980”

Cole C. Haugen, “The Menace v. the Knights of Columbus: American Anti-Catholicism before WWI”

Danielle M. Kronmiller, “Uniting a Kingdom: Union Between England and Scotland”

Patrick B. McGlasson, “Ancient Ballads in the New World: A Cultural Study of the Scotch-Irish, Their Migration, and Their Music”

Andrew Milhous, “Theatre of Oppression: Theatre in Nazi Germany”

Thomas J. Phinney, “The Judson Conversion: Changing the Tide of Baptist Missions in the mid-1800s”

Jonathan M. Rembold, “The Domestic Soldier: World War II and the Experiences of Soldiers on the Homefront”

Corey Schmidt, “Finite or Unbounded? How the ‘Scientific Revolution’ has Changed”

Kelsey E. Smugala, “Deception Declassified: CIA Intelligence Efforts in Cuba”

Derrick J. Stone, “The Dahlgren Affair: Authentic Terror Plot or Overwrought Misunderstanding?”

Edward C. Theobald, “A Club or a Nation? Confederate Usages of the Founding of America to Justify Secession”

Denise M. Thoreson, “The Effects of the Writings of the Early Church Fathers on Expressions of Sexuality in the Medieval Period”

Devon Torrence, “Czech Women Under the Soviet System”