Spring 2015

Kyle Arthaud, “Finding Quantrill: Searching for the Guerilla Fighter’s Fit into the Lost Cause”

Toni Estrada, “From Hated to High Art: The Rise of Abstract Expressionism in America”

Amanda Chua, “Just Your Average Ali: A Case Study of the Use of Social Media for Political Campaigning by Najib Razak”

Kathryn Spicer, “For the Love of God: Personal Devotion and the Western Rebellion of 1549”

Lauren Grote, “Visions of Hispanidad: Defining Spanishness from the Generation of ‘98 to Francoism”

Sophie Krautmann, “Victory Gardens of the World Wars”

Mason Martel, “Trial by Fire: How the Russo-Japanese War Influenced World War I Military Tactics”

Rebecca Meyer, “Through the Projector: The Effect of  American Politics on Arab Stereotypes in Film”