Spring 2013

Julie L. Davis, “‘Most Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off”: A Look into the Life of Jean-Michel Basquiat”

Noah C. Edwards, “The Dance of the Forty-One and the Stonewall Riots: Watersheds of Queer History in Mexico and the United States”

Paige A. Fowler, “Changing Minds: America’s View of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in the Sixties and Seventies”

Michael J. Gambach, “Salmon P. Chase: Forgotten Founder of the Republican Party”

Jay A. Godsy, “The Influence of Dean Acheson on Americas Entry into WWII, Korea, and Vietnam”

Kristin L. Grossman, “The Great Chicago Chasm: The South Side’s Journey from Stockyards to Capone”

John T. Harker, “Aldrich Hazen Ames: The Most Detrimental Spy in the History of the CIA”

Kristin J. Haynes, “A Gender Analysis of the Rule of Elizabeth I of England”

Molly J. Hendricks, “John Adams: His Retrospective Views on Classical Republicanism in the American Republic”

Justin T. Hoelker, “The Warsaw Pact: What Was Its Purpose?”

Arionne N. Lloyd, “Nefertiti: More Than a Beautiful Face”

Patrick M. Lynch, “The Soviet-American Connection: The Relationship Between the Communist Party of the USA and the Soviet Union Prior to World War II”

Caitlin L. McGrath, “The Witchcraze in Seventeenth-Century England: A Gender Analysis of the Witch Trials in the County of Essex, 1645”

Dimonique McGruder, “Malcolm X: The ‘Bad Guy’?”

Veronica A. McKinney, “Anti-Prohibitionettes: Women Against Prohibition and Fighting for Reform”

Brittany G. Nanney, “The Curator as Historian: The Relationship between History and Practices within a Historical Museum”

Caitlin M. O’Leary, “Exiles of Erin: The Effects of Irish Immigration into St. Louis in the Nineteenth Century”

Matthew R. Sander, “The Rise, Evolution, and Ultimate Failure of Eugenics: Motives Behind the Eugenics Movement in America”

Joshua M. Sanders, “Operation Condor: Public Problems with Covert Solutions”