Fall 2021

Amaris Garber, “The World Beyond the Page: A Comparison between Chilean Women and the Magazine Paula, 1973”

Livie Manuel, “Female Agency and Societal Expectations within Marriage in Their Own Words: An Analysis of Personal Accounts from Late Nineteenth-Century Imperial Russia”

Katelin Mathis, “The Differences in Effects of Policies Regarding Reproductive Rights Amongst Different Identities in Missouri”

Caitlin Mueller, “Missing out on Moscow: The Impact of the American Boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games”

Aaron Renaud, “Turnpikes, Canals, and Railroads: A Reflection of America’s Ambitions”

Hannah Senay, “The English in Wales: Water, Coal, and the Geography of Memory”

Gillian Stiles, “Irish Immigration to America”

Dominic Vitale, “Class Conflict during Fourteenth Century Byzantium”

Gus Warren, “The Congress for Cultural Freedom and the ‘Boom’: Cold War Tactics in Latin American Literature”