Fall 2020

Gabe Andersson, “New Sweden: A Lesser-Known Colony of a Short-Lived Great Power”

Dallas Bernhoester, “The Golden Age of Foreign Correspondents: How Journalist Shaped the Legacy of the Spanish Civil War in the Minds and Hearts of Americans

Taylor Bittle, “Waves of Feminism: An Obsolete Metaphor in Current Feminist History”

Syrus Duffy, “‘Unsung and Unpraised’: Black Femininity and the Path to Liberation”

Jared Hagemeier, “Pervitin and Other WW2 Super-Soldier Drugs and Their Role in Reconstruction”

Jillian Kolbe, “‘Of Price and Men’: The Roles that Sex Workers Played in Shaping Electoral Politics in the US, from Reconstruction to Pre-World War I”

Alexandra Miller, “‘The Making of Useful Citizens’: Social Engineering in Kansas City Parks, 1893–1923”

Bennett Nowotny, “The Neozapatista Revolution: Comparing Ideology and Practice”

Nick Pruett, “Harry Laughlin and John B. Trevor: Immigration and Eugenics”

Lauren Reed, “‘Glimpses of Vistas Far Beyond’: The Bureau of Indian Affairs and World’s Fairs as ‘Civilizing Tools,’ 1893–1904”

Wyatt Schmidt, “Fair Weather Friends: Russia and the United States on the Northwest Coast (1790–1825 AD)”

Jennifer Steele, “A Dangerous Drug: The Racialization of United States Cannabis Prohibition, 1910–1940

Andrew Teuscher, “The Great Patriotic War in Leningrad: Disguising Tragedy as Triumph

Zachary Townsend, “The Attitudes and Motivations of Abolitionist Attitudes in St. Louis, 1830–1870”

Serena Venezia, “Popular Racism: Viewing American Culture Through the Lens of Doc Savage (1900–1934)

Clayton Watts, “Rome Didn’t Fall in a Day: An Analysis of Roman Cultural Remnants in Western Europe (c. 400-700 AD)”

Madeline Wright, “‘All We Ask is to be Left Alone’: The State of Jefferson and Inter-State Secession”