Fall 2018

Jade Dobbs, “Maximilian I of Mexico’s Perspectives of the Mexicans”

Ross Edelstein, “‘Contrary to Justice, Humanity, and Policy’: The Slave Trade as an Instrument of British Power, 1803–20”

Riley Finney, “The New York Times during the Early Stages of the Great Depression”

Will Jackson, “US Hostage Policy”

Ginny Jones, “The Connection Between the Contagious Diseases Acts and the Women’s Suffrage Movement”

Tiffany Lawson, ‘The DAR and the First Red Scare”

Drew Miller, “Sam Houston: A Man of Principle or a Barbarian Senator”

Chester Pelsang, “William Henry Seward: The Political Operative”

Houston Roberts, “Birth of a Klavern: The Rise of the St. Joseph Ku Klux Klan from 1921-1925”

Ben Rosenblatt, “Was the Republic of Rome a Democracy? Plebeian Secession and Popular Pressure”

Chloe Shoulders, “Ecuador and the Foreign Policy of the United States: Subversion in the Early Cold War Era”

Tyler Steinman. “Building The Netherlands Through Slave Trade”

Morgan Tripamer, “Thomas Jefferson Reconsidered: Influencer of Southern Sectionalism”

Kemper Virtue, “Horace Mann’s Women in Education”