Fall 2016

Alex Banks, “Reflections of the Martyr King of England, Charles I”

Gabby Beckemeier, “Wonder Woman: Superhero Equality”

Katie Boesch, “We Shall Overcome: Black Lives Matter Through the Lens of the Civil Rights Movement”

Jared Fadiga,”The Chivalry of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin”

Justin Gipple, “Eisenhower’s Cultural Diplomacy”

Heidi Glickert, “Catharine Beecher and Progressivism in American Women’s Education”

Adam Hall, “The Ohio State Negro: How the American Media Portrayed Jesse Owens”

Allie Jovanovic, “Analyzing Eugenics and Class via The Eugenics Review

Allie Kelsey, “Women and the British Eugenics Movement”

Katie Kerkemeyer, “The Development and Destruction of the Guatemalan Capitalist Movement, 1944–54”

Austin Kerns, “East German Contract Workers: From Friend to Foe”

Zach Lepperd, “Quaker Involvement in Grant’s Peace Policy”

Mason Matzker, “A Historiography of Sitting Bull and How the United States Shaped It”

Joe Paglisotti, “Why States Changed the Method of Appointing Presidential Electors in Early America”

Rachel Pozzo, “The Influence of the Civil War on Frederick Douglass’s Abolition Arguments”

Nicholas Ramm, “School Segregation in Omaha, Nebraska”

Kodey Springate, “Motives of a Civil War Soldier”

Geoffrey Winkleman, “Perceptions of the Antebellum United States in German Emigration Literature”