The papers from Marc Becker’s spring 2011 course have been published in a print-on-demand book. See http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/historians-of-the-oval-table/15637988.)

Dan Bader, “Beecher-Stowe/Liberia”

Christopher Barker, “The Perpetuation of Cultural Boundaries: Ecuadorian Ethnic Identity in Spain”

Erin Blankers, “1810 Court Case and Indian Policy”

Emily Cain, “Truman and Israel”

Thomas Chung, “Kennedy’s Decision: How Kennedy Avoided War during the Cuban Missile Crisis”

Andrew Chandler, “The Media’s Influence on Modern Warfare: A Study on Journalism’s Effects on Waging War”

Jacob Frazier, “Louis D. Brandeis and The Infamous Brief”

Dan Hammond, “History of the Commerce Clause”

Rachel Hinrichs, “Italian Food and Ethnic Identity in the U.S.”

Eric Hudson, “‘The Horror…The Horror’: The Reinterpretation of Vietnam through the Sights and Sounds of Hollywood”

Janée Johnson, “Struggle for Power or a Fight against Anti-Religion: Catholics vs. Freemasons

David Lackie, “The Lincoln Administration and Civil Liberties in the Union during the American Civil War”

Laura Lusk, “The Great Awakening and African Americans in Southern England”


Alice Malone, “Religion and Repression: An exploration of Ethiopian Ethno-religious Groups and the Derg from 1974 to 1991”

Lindsey Marolt, “Women, the Ladies’ Association (during the American Revolution), and the Continental Army”

Michael C. Miller, “WWI Trench Suffering and Stalemate: Dangers and Hardships of Trench Warfare on the Western Front”

McKenna Peters, “Tuberculosis and Native Americans, 1900-1929”

Matthew Rigdon, “The Misuse of Napoleonic Tactics in the American Civil War and the World Wars”

Ann Rosentreter, “Learning from Local History: An Examination of the Ku Klux Klan in Kirksville, Missouri”

Carolyn Saville, “European Resistance Movements in World War II and Their Role: Were They a Help or a Hindrance to the Allies?”

Daniel Sheffner, “In Defense of the South: An Analysis of the Southern Mindset Following the Civil War as Found in the Rhetoric Contained within The Southern Review and DeBow’s Review

Mike Sowatzke, “Virginian Ratification of the Constitution”

Robert Voyles, “‘Falling Through the Gateway’: Integrating the New Saint Louis History, or a Lesson in Cliometrics and the Unknown Benefits of Urban Sprawl”

Meghan Woolbright, “US Policy and Sterilization of Indian Women in the 20th Century”