2010 and prior

The papers from Marc Becker’s fall 2008 section of Senior Seminar have been published in a print-on-demand book. See http://www.lulu.com/content/6361948.

Mallori Allen, “From Tipplers to Teetotalers: The Elitist Sentiment of the Temperance Transformation from Moderation to Total Abstinence” (2009)

Nathan Bader, “‘And we won’t come back till its over Over There’: The Men of Kirksville and the Unique American Experience in WWI” (2009)

Mary Pat Behrens, “Children’s Literature in Victorian England: New Ideas for Changing Times” (2009)

Emily Bevington, “Does Mother Know Best?” (2008)

Amanda Carroll, “Non-Roman Peoples in the Roman Army from the Republic to the Empire” (2008)

Sean Cahn, “Poking His Big Stick into Foreign Fires: The Importance of Theodore Roosevelt’s Involvement in the Russo-Japanese Conflict” (2009)

Nicholas Cipponeri, “The International Monetary Fund and Russia: How an Economic Collapse Occurs” (2009)

Andrea Cosgrove, “A Red Head’s Red Scare” (2008)

Jacob Cushing, “Education, Morality and the Gracchi: An Analysis of Education and the Role It Played in the Collapse of Rome’s Republic” (2008)

Samuel Cummins, “The Whore of Babylon and Its Pimp: Pope Gregory XVI and the American Nativist Movement”

Sylwia Dabrowska,” Make Policy, Not Coffee: Why Women Are Lacking Within The American Political System” (2008)

Steven D’Antonio, “Reassessing Medical History: Hellenistic Medicine’s Effect on the Evolution of Medicine”

Danielle Demarest, “The Victorian Paradox: A Look at the Duality in Victorian Culture” (2008)

Kara Drury, “Truman’s Political Role Model: Tom Pendergast’s Influence on the President”

Kara Fillman, “Passionately Pure Love: The Purposeful Encouragement of Homosocial Relationships Between Women in Victorian America”

Jessica Gittemeier, “Sex and the Individual: Women in the Seventies and Cosmopolitan Magazine”

Matthew Harber, “The African National Congress and South Africa: How They Sought to Bring Economic Growth to the Masses”

Shane Hasbrouck, “They Only Needed a COIN: How the United State Adapted in Operation Iraqi Freedom” (2009)

Wistar White Holt Jr., “Recording Degeneration and Diversity: Harry Laughlin, the Eugenics Record Office, and Census Amendments” (2009)

Bradley Horner, “Operation Dixie and The CIO News” (2009)

Kyle Horst, “Gallery Space: Contemporary Judeo-Christian Art in the Museum” (2009)

Tracey Hurt, “The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: The Decision to Invade” (2009)

Peter Johnson, “Happy Days Are Here Again: The Story of Prohibition in St. Louis” (2008)

Tony Kroeger, “Institutionalized Failure: The Rise of Determinate Sentencing”

Keely Lamka, “The Effectiveness of Programs for GLBT Students at Truman State University (2008)

Peter McCall, “Freedmen Neglect: An Examination of the Cherokee and U.S. Attitudes Towards Freedmen from the 1830s through 1866” (2009)

Julie Meyer, “The Conflict Behind the Crisis: The Role of Arab-Jewish Tensions in the Suez Crisis of 1956”

Nadia Mozaffar, “Prosecuting Prostitutes and Trying Timarchus: Representations of Greek Sexual Workers in Judicial Oratory”

Matthew Mueller, “Saint or Sinner: Public Opinion of Abraham Lincoln” (2009)

Cassie Mundt, “Circuit Chautauqua: Providing Rural America with a Liberal Education” (2008)

Jeff Naylor, “The Narodniki / Students into Terrorists / A Transformation” (2008)

Patrick O’Donnell, “Debow’s Review: From the Kansas-Nebraska Act to the Civil War” (2009)

Ashley Otting, “Curriculum Changes in Nazi Germany: A Tiered System for a National Socialist Youth” (2009)

Katherine Palazzolo, “A National Scottish Tongue: The Effect of Devolution on the Scots Language as Seen in Articles from The Herald and The Scotsman, 1997–2000”(2009)

Leah Peters, “Once Upon a Time: A Study of the Reflection of Feminism in Six Walt Disney Films” (2009)

Lauren Pey, “Definitions of Loyalty: German-Americans and Their Detractors During the First World War” (2008)

Joey Risch, “The Espionage Act – Silencing America During World War I” (2008)

Andy Rudolph, “Fighting the Catholic Menace: Why Anti-Catholicism Flourished in the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s” (2009)

Kyle Ruiz, “The Motivating Songs of the Civil Rights” (2008)

Danie Schallom, “Dancing Through Life: Katherine Dunham’s History And Her Impact On Society” (2008)

Catherine Sonnichsen, “World War II Aviation: The Impact on People, Industry, and the War” (2009)

Bradley Speak, “William the Lion-Hearted and the American Crusade: A Look at the American Imperialistic Age” (2009)

Alicia Stewart,“Cook Tractor Company” (2008)

Jordan Stoner, “Flowers in Your Hair: The Meaning and End of the Summer of Love” (2009)

Karen Uhlrich, “The Integration of Baseball: A Look at the Factors” (2009)

Nick Valdes, “Over the Hills and Far Away: Led Zeppelin, Imperialist Appropriators or Post-Colonial Commodification of Culture?” (2008)

Katie Werkmeister, “Remembering the Guerilla: The Civil War in Missouri in Secondary Literature” (2009)

Robert Yang, “Asian Cultural Influences on MacArthur’s Westernization of Japan: From the Philippine Years to Interim Japan” (2008)

Emily Zerkel, “‘Yo-Ho, A Pyrates Life for Me’: A Profile of Pirates in Colonial British America” (2009)


(Mark Hanley, Spring 2008)

Meaghan Bartz: “”Dissention from Within: A Study of Internal Conflicts Within the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee”  (2008)

Rebecca Bradley: “Republican Efforts and Success in the Election of 1864” (2008)

Ben Church: “The Theological Foundations of Charles Grandison Finney’s Revivalism” (2008)

Jon Deering: “Corruption, Scandal, and a Landslide: Andrew Jackson’s Bid for the Presidency” (2008)

Daniel Glossenger: “The Triumph of Cinematic Realism over Message: Assessing the Critical Reception of All Quiet on the Western Front” (2008)

Jon Guthrie: “The North American P-51 Mustang: Influence on Strategy and Pilot Morale” (2008)

Samuel Hodge: “High Stakes: Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 Campaign” (2008)

Amanda Klaus: “Kennedy and Khruschev: The Private Relationship” (2008)

Dustin Kueker: “Jackie Robinson: A Sign of the Times?” (2008)

Adrien Keables: “Informational Content in Godey’s Lady’s Book in the 1850s” (2008)

Matt Lange: “The Use of the Bible in the American Debate over Slavery” (2008)

Lindsay Lewis: “The Pathway to Prestige: Billy Graham from Tent Revivals to the Oval Office, 1949-1963” (2008)

Blake Shier: “The Trial of Jefferson Davis” (2008)

Emily Tobben: “Harry S Truman: Comparing the Public and Private Sectors” (2008)

Shannon Worsham: “Castlereagh and Britain’s Quest for Peace at the Congress of Vienna” (2008)

(Torbjörn Wandel, Spring 2008)

Drew Blacklidge, “The Power of Kings: The Attalids’ Attempt to Shape Pergamom to Reflect Them and Greece” (2008)

Sam Blanchard, “Christ the Conqueror and the Talking Tree: The Visual and Literary Aspects of the Anglo-Saxon Reformation” (2008)

Mike Dolan, “Bloody or Not? The Differing Opinions on Bloody Sunday in the UK and Ireland” (2008)

Missy Gahr, “The Perfect Body: Ancient Egyptian Medical Practices and the Connection to the Afterlife” (2008)

Kevin Harrison, “John C. Calhoun’s Pursuit of Perfection: The Mark of Timothy Dwight on the Life of Calhoun” (2008)

Wade King, “Bloody Bill Anderson: Rethinking What Made the Most Sadistic Killer of the Civil War Do the Things He Did” (2008)

Allison B. Maurer, “Free Blacks as Freemasons: An Exploration of the Fight for the Legitimacy of the Prince Hall Branch of Freemasonry” (2008)

Michelle Rinck, “‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’: An Examination of Barbie and Ken and the Marriage That Will Never Take Place” (2008)

Ryan Robinson, “Free-Diving with Concrete Boots: Austro-German Relations and the First World War” (2008)

Laura Twillmann, “The Strategic Use of Peasant Women in Collectivization Propaganda by the Soviets Under Stalin” (2008)

Keith Watson, “Between Berlin and Hollywood: Weimar Modernism and Hollywood Classicism in Nazi Cinema” (2008)

Stephanie Weick, “Text Messages, Coca-Cola, Web Surfing, and Shopping Malls: The Youth Cultures of Iran and Saudi Arabia and Their Implications for the Futures of the Countries” (2008)

Derek Wilhelm, “A Brief Flash Followed by Silence: A Study of the Effect of the Spread and Decline of Pauline House Churches on Gender Roles in Early Christianity” (2008)

(David Robinson, Fall 2007)

Margaret Ann Abbott, “The Cottonian and Sloane Collections: The Separate Treatments of Two of the Founding Collections of the British Museum” (2007)

Jordan Michael Cantoni, “The Radicalization of Osama bin Laden and this Role in the Development of Al-Qaeda” (2007)

Issaca Jevonne Carraway, “Redefining Black Womanhood: Black Women and the Evolution of Womanhood Within the Black Panther Party” (2007)

Kristin Leigh Clements, “The Life of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, 1809-1891: A Path Through the History of African Missions” (2007)

Claire Elizabeth Grothe, “Comparative Childhood in Colonial New England” (2007)

Kevin Michael Hansen, “Radicalism in the Red Power Movement and the American Indian Movement” (2007)

Tammy Sue Haun, “Cleopatra Philopatris: The Queen Who Loved her Country” (2007)

Matthew Allan Hoernschemeyer, “Barbarian Invasions: Anglo-Chinese Relations 1839-1860” (2007)

John Ryan Kaufmann, “The Trials of Bruno and Galileo: Viewpoints Throughout History” (2007)

Jesse Ling Leong, “The Battle of Badr and its Significance in Muslim History” (2007)

Jeffrey Nicklaus Luttrell, “Underneath the Fear: The Spectacle of Terror, Psychoanalytical Representations of Gender, and Gender Roles in the American Horror Film, 1942-1980” (2007)

Alyson Lenore Lutz, “The Origins of the Cold War” (2007)

James Edward McDonald, “Justice Systems in the American West [1850-1900]” (2007)

Megan Colleen Page, “The Role of the Heroine in Greek Mythology Compared to Greek Women’s Roles” (2007)

Shahrbonu Jeanne Rezaiekhaligh, “From Petitions to Pickets to Prison: Origins of Militant Feminism in America and the National Woman’s Party [Alice Paul]” (2007)

Dustin Michael Shaw, “The Spartans Through the Ages” (2007)

Matthew Ernest Ticich, “The Effectiveness of Firebombing Japan During World War II” (2007)

Kathleen Marie Vanderhoof, “A History of Plastic Surgery: How Women Today Have Developed an Obsession with Perfection” (2007)

Philip Hamilton Wire, “A History of the Prairie Chicken in Missouri” (2007)

Abigail Susan Wolcott, “Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt’s Marriage” (2007)

(Dan Mandell, Spring 2007)

Burton, Adam: “Eugenics and the Nazis” (2007)

Dyke, Kevin: “How American Newspapers Depicted European Jews After the Holocaust, 1945-1950” (2007)

Kohler, Samuel: “Henry Clay and the Compromise of 1850” (2007)

Lueker, Erin: “Conflicts among Jewish inmates at Theresienstadt” (2007)

Mannell, David: “Kansas City Jazz and the Pendergast Machine” (2007)

Niedbalski, Jennifer: “Missouri as a Sectional Battleground before the Civil War” (2007)

Roderwald, Nels: “Church and State in the Byzantine Empire” (2007)

Russell, Helen: “Depiction of Rome and Early Christians in Hollywood Films” (2007)

Schumacher, Stanton: “Route 66 and American Culture” (2007)

Scognamiglio, John: “The Cold War and 1980 Miracle on Ice” (2007)

Shrout, Robert: “The Swing Era and Race” (2007)

Sundberg, Adam: “The Dutch Environmental Movement: A Comparison with the United States” (2007)

Todd, Alex: “William Walker and the Filibustering Movement” (2007)

Troester, Aaron: “The Japanese Occupation of Manchuria” (2007)

(Torbjörn Wandel, Spring 2006)

The Ancient World

Kelsey Underwood, “Attaining Spiritual Perfection: Ability and Disability in Zoroastrianism and the Persian Empire” (2006)

Lindee Weese, “To Our [Ancient Greek] Sweethearts and Wives: May they Never Meet” (2006)

Early Modern England

Steven Cox, “The Influence of Anne Boleyn on the Early Reformation in England” (2006)

Chris Roberts, “The End of Magic and Occultism in Mathematics” (2006)

New England & New France

Becky Vice, “Resilience and Renown: The Massachusetts Moderates and the Dominion of New England” (2006)

Ashley Young, “The Imperial Colossus: Reinterpreting La Salle’s Final Expedition” (2006)

The Battle over Slavery

Nick Beydler, “Slavery and Northern Methodism: The Religious Roots of Anti-Abolitionism” (2006)

Will Davis, “Grapeshot Prunes Porter’s Bushwhackers: The Effects of Poor Terrain and Inadequate Supplies on the Confederate Forces at the Battle of Kirksville” (2006)

Brad Robertson, “Following Slavery: The Definition of Slavery in American History” (2006)

World War II

Sarah Jones, “Organizing Overlord: An Analysis of French-American Cooperation in the Liberation of France” (2006)

Kurtis Werner, “The American Glider Pilot during World War II: A Second-Rate Pilot in a Major Global Conflict” (2006)

The Cold War

Jon Courtney, “Soviet-American Relations: George F. Kennan’s Views on Aid to Russia” (2006)

Paul Klepper, “Malleable Steel: The Dynamic Nature of Israeli Security and Nuclear Arms” (2006)


Elizabeth Carrington, “Contradicting the Code: Double Standards in 1930 Portrayals of Minority Races [in Film]” (2006)

Cathy Clark, “Irish Dance: Examining Riverdance and Revivals” (2006)

Greg Mueller, “‘We Didn’t Cross Borders, Borders Crossed Us’: Nineteenth-Century U.S. Expansionist Policy and the Southwest” (2006)

Sexuality & Rurality

Jenna Kearns, “The Dada Vision of Weimar Culture: Analyzing Gender in Photomontage” (2006)

Justin Smith, “Homo on the Range: A Case Study of a Rural Gay Identity and the Influence of the Internet” (2006)

Elizabeth Robinson, “Conceptualizing Nature: The Changing Identity of Yosemite National Park in Travel Literature” (2006)