Economics Student Publications

Economics: Recent Student Publications

  • Michael Dial. “A failure to capitalist incentives.” Canadian Student Review. Fall 2011, 4-8.
  • John W. Schneider.  “Determinants of Airfare: The Checked Bag Fee.” The Undergraduate Business & Economics Research Journal, Spring 2011, Vol. 2, 84-99.
  • Michael Dial.  “Fiscal Policy: Not an Option.”  Canadian Student Review.  Fall 2010, 4-8.
  • Mustafa Sawani and Zuriashe Patterson, “Economic Growth and Political Instability in Ethiopia,” Regional Business Review, May 2009.
  • Mustafa Sawani, Assma Sawani, and Casey Copeland, “The US-EU Relationship: How European Integration Affects US Exports to the European Union,” Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics, April 2009.