Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award

Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award

Have you made significant progress in a research project in Chemistry? If so, the Chemistry faculty would like to recognize your achievement with an Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award (OCRA). If you are interested in being considered for an OCRA, please work with your faculty mentor or advisor to satisfy the requirements listed in the resolution below.

Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award (OCRA)

Passed by the Chemistry Faculty on September 27, 2004

WHEREAS, Undergraduate Research is a valuable component of professional training in chemistry, and

WHEREAS, the Chemistry Discipline seeks to encourage students to become involved in the undergraduate research enterprise through faculty and University support and recognition, and

WHEREAS, the Chemistry Discipline feels that special recognition is deserved for those who excel in their undergraduate research experience, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Chemistry Discipline award “Outstanding Chemical Researcher Award” (OCRA) status to those graduating students who have satisfied the following criteria:

◾The undergraduate researcher must have been involved in creative research at the advanced level. This work may have been done as paid labor (through scholarship, work study, institutional or grant funds), as free labor, or as part of a research-for-credit course. A faculty mentor must attest to the level of the work as being advanced beyond the junior level of undergraduate lab work and that the researcher contributed significantly to the work.

◾The student’s research activity must be documented by a research report written by the student, edited by the faculty mentor, and submitted through the mentor to a committee of the chemistry faculty for final approval no later than four weeks (28 days) before the first day of Final Exams of the semester of graduation. This report should follow the guidelines for a CHEM 443 research report found on the Chemistry discipline website.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the students receiving the OCRA designation will be expected to present their research results in a twenty-minute talk at a Friday afternoon OCRA symposium, organized by the chemistry discipline, no later than the last Friday of classes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Award process becomes effective in the semester beginning in January of 2003.