Biology Major: Student Spotlights

Thomas: Unique Opportunities for Pre-Med StudentThomas Osterholt 1000x670
Biology Major (Pre-Med)

When Thomas chose to attend Truman, he was unaware of all the academic advantages that would help him prepare for medical school. Right away he discovered something he had not expected — the in-depth and personalized nature of the education offered at Truman.
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Student Patrick Moranville Patrick: High-Impact Learning Experience in Central America
Biology Major

Patrick could not resist a chance to travel to Belize to study in an amazing environment through a marine ecology-based course. Experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be a marine biologist helped him decide it was the right career path for him.
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Brittany Temple, medical trip to BelizeBrittany: Assisting Doctors in Belize
Biology Major (Pre-Med)/Spanish for the Professions Minor

Brittany has always been interested in biology, science, and the human body, and she has a passion for the Spanish culture. A 9-day medical trip to Belize with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) at Truman State University provided Brittany with a chance to explore her interests first-hand while working alongside two doctors from the Central American country. While hosting clinics in villages located in an impoverished area helped improve people’s lives, Brittany discovered it was also an incredibly humbling experience. Watch video below to learn more about Brittany’s experience in Belize.
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Conor Gearin, Biology MajorConor: Learning Outside the Classroom through Internship Experiences
Biology and English Dual-Major

Curious and smart students pursue everything that intrigues them, like Conor, who stepped outside the walls of the classroom for a summer internship experience in Maine. Pursuing a dual major in biology and English, his internship turned out to be the perfect fit for connecting his interest in science with his passion for writing. And the research and science writing experience he gained reaffirmed his future plans to work on science questions that directly impact people and to help in communicating scientific discoveries to the public.
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