Master’s in Leadership: Peace Corps Service

Master’s International Program

Peace CorpsAre you a future leader thinking about the Peace Corps? At Truman, you can use your Peace Corps experience toward a Master of Arts in Leadership. For students trying to decide between Peace Corps service and earning a master’s degree, the Master’s International program gives you the option of doing both.

Truman State University has partnered with the Peace Corps to offer the Master’s International program. Truman’s Peace Corps Master’s International Program allows students to pursue a Master of Arts in Leadership in conjunction with Peace Corps service. Students in the Peace Corps Master’s International program typically finish one year of graduate school in the U.S. before earning additional academic credit as a Peace Corps volunteer abroad. When they return, Master’s International students complete any remaining academic requirements for graduation.

The Master’s International program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring leaders to earn a master’s degree while gaining invaluable cross-cultural experience through Peace Corps Service.

Quick facts:

  • Earn a Master of Arts, while serving in the Peace Corps
  • Apply your classroom knowledge in the field
  • 9 hours of Truman credit earned while on assignment
  • Affordable tuition

The Peace Corps Service also provides a variety of other benefits, including: (This is an excerpt taken from Peace Corps,  Master’s International website)

  • Living Allowance
  • Vacation Time
  • Full medical and dental coverage
  • Student loan assistance, including deferment and/or cancellation of certain government-backed educational loans
  • Transition funds after service
  • Marketable professional skills through cross-cultural, language, and   technical training
  • Advantages in federal employment, such as noncompetitive eligibility for federal government jobs
  • Transition job support services
  • Opportunities for short-term assignments through Peace Corps Response
  • Travel to and from country of service
  • No fee to participate

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For more information, contact:

Dr. Candy Young

Truman State University
Graduate Office
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Additional information can be found on the Peace Corps website: Peace Corps | Masters International