Course Descriptions

Detailed course descriptions for the Master of Arts in Leadership

LDRS 600G Approaches to Leadership: 3 credit hours
Approaches to Leadership serves as an introduction to research-based leadership theory. The course introduces the dominant theories or schools of thought in the research literature with an eye, always, towards helping the student identify their own leadership strengths and weaknesses as viewed through the lens of that particular theory. In addition, the course introduces the basics of resource management (e.g., time management, financial management) and goal setting, and requires the student to begin to plan their own path of personal leadership development.

LDRS 601G Organizational Theory and Leadership: 3 credit hours
In this course the student will study classic and contemporary works on organizations and leadership of them. The class will use study of the classics in the field as the basis for analyzing contemporary works in organizational leadership. Students will also apply these studies to specific case studies, simulations, and/or personal observations of organizations at work. Course content will be facilitated by a professor with expertise in the field of organizational theory. This field is very interdisciplinary, and faculty from several disciplinary backgrounds have worked together to create this course. Students enrolled in the program will also have backgrounds in divergent disciplines and thus students will contribute to the class by bring relevant perspectives to the forefront during group discussions, case analysis, and projects.

LDRS 602G Decision-Making and Strategic Leadership: 3 credit hours
This course presents the major academic approaches to decision-making and consciously builds on the contributions of several disciplines. Students will be expected to develop a project (paper, video, simulation, integrative model) in consultation with the professor where they apply the ideas, concepts, and models studied in the course.

DRS 603G Applied Leadership and Case Studies:  3 credit hours
Leadership Case Studies assists the student in moving from the multiple theoretical perspectives of leadership theory, organizational behavior theory, and decision-making theory into a detailed interdisciplinary evaluation of actual events using the case studies format.

LDRS 671G Leadership Internship: 1-6 credit hours
Students will learn “how to learn on the job” through introspection and consultation. During their internship, students will understand and learn from the complexities inherent in all organizations and explore aspects of interpersonal behaviors that influence ones’ effectiveness. Interns will develop technical skills in an organization aligned with their career aspirations and will integrate classroom learning (theory) with professional practices (in the field). Students will be expected to observe and experience a variety of authority relationships, professionals in leadership capacities, and workers’ approaches to achievement of common organizational goals. A minimum of 170 hours of internship is required.

LDRS 672G Leadership Internship Evaluation and Analysis: 1-3 credit hours
Students and their instructors will evaluate their leadership internship experience and the lessons learned during their internship. The basis for evaluation will be from a log kept by the student, a Leadership Activity Plan (LAP), a culminating report on the Leadership Plan, a reflective journal, a self reflective paper, and a leadership challenge paper.

LDRS 690G Leadership Capstone Seminar: 3 credit hours
The Leadership Capstone course is designed to be the last course a student takes in the Leadership program. It will provide the student an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills required by their future career and synthesize knowledge learned in previous courses. A major project will allow students to deeply investigate a topic of interest. Students will also compile and revise their portfolio of work across the degree. Opportunities will be provided for reflection about personal and professional goals and practical assistance achieving those goals.

LDRS 695G Independent Studies in Leadership:  1-5 credit hours
Students will prepare an advanced, individually designed research/study project focusing on a particular topic or set of issues in Leadership. Plan/learning outcomes will be established in collaboration with faculty supervisor to create a course of study to answer a research question or master a body of literature. The student will demonstrate the ability to locate, systematically study, master, and synthesize academically appropriate source material to produce a paper, project, and/or other appropriate academic artifacts. A written report is expected with a copy filed in the Graduate Office.

¬†Additional courses depend on the student’s choice of electives and specialization.