GAA and GTRA Application Instructions

Students pursuing a Master of Arts in English at Truman may apply for a variety of graduate administrative and editorial (GAA) assistantships or a graduate teaching (GTRA) assistantship.

Both current students and students applying to the program who submit their GAA/GTRA application materials by Feb. 15 will be given priority consideration for Graduate Administrative Assistantships (GAAs) and Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships (GTRAs).

Students who wish to be considered for GAA and GTRA assistantships must fill out the GAA/GTRA Form and email their GAA/GTRA essays to Dr. Priscilla Riggle, by Feb. 15 for primary consideration. Any positions not filled in the first round of applications will be open to students who apply after that date.

Instructions for GTRA/GAA Essays

For each assistantship you apply for, please write and upload a separate essay (two-page maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font) that describes:

  • the strengths you believe you bring to the position
  • the related experience you bring to the position
  • the skills you believe you will gain personally and professionally from the experience
  • how you perceive the position will help you attain your career goals.

If you are applying for multiple positions, please rank the assistantships in order of preference and indicate this in the header of each of your essays:

Ex: “Of the GAA/GTRA positions I am applying for, this assistantship ranks #1.”

GAA and GTRA Selection Process

Your application will be reviewed by the Director of English Graduate Studies. Qualified candidates will have their applications given to the appropriate committee for evaluation. You may be contacted for an interview via Zoom or similar technology as part of the decision process.

A committee, consisting of the graduate administrative and editorial assistantship supervisors and the Director of English Graduate Studies will evaluate GAA assistantship applications.

An evaluation committee, consisting of the Graduate Teaching Coordinator and the Director of English Graduate Studies will evaluate all applicants for GTRA positions.

Students meeting the requirements for each available position will be ranked in order of qualifications by the committee interviewing them. The English graduate committee as a whole will then compare those rankings to determine the awarding of assistantships.

The Director of English Graduate Studies will notify you of the decision by email. You will also receive a letter of employment from the Office of Graduate Studies which you must sign and return in order to accept the position.