Prerequisites: Elementary Education

Prerequisite Certification Requirements for the MAE in Elementary Education with Certification in Elementary Education Grades 1-6

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Freshman Year:
___ HLTH 195 Lifetime Health and Fitness with HLTH 196 Activity or HLTH 198
___ An art or music survey course (ART 203 or 223 or MUSI 204 or 205 or 206 or 207)
___ GEOG 111 Geographic Perspectives or GEOG 211 Global Geography
___HIST 104 or 105 United States History I or II

Sophomore Year:
___ED 388 Exploratory Field Experiences – prerequisite for ED 393/394 (may be taken concurrently with ED 389)
___ED 389 Foundations of Education – Required to have earned 30 credit hours and 2.75 GPA

Junior year:
___ MATH 240 Concrete Behavioral Foundations of Math
___ ECON 130 Survey of Economics – or another economics course
___ ED 393 Clinical Experiences in Teaching – Required to have earned 60 credit hours and 2.75 GPA
___ED 394 Experiences in Classroom Teaching – MUST BE TAKEN CONCURRENTLY WITH ED 393
___NASC 331 Science for Elementary Teachers (fall only)

Senior year:
___ ENG 415 Literature for Children
___ ED 593 Psychological Foundations of Education  (Prerequisites:  ED 389 and ED 393)
___ ES 235 Physical Activities for the Young Child

Graduate course to be applied toward MAE requirements:
___ ED 608 G Management of Instruction – (offered spring semester only-generally taken the spring semester of senior year if graduating in May)

Students are encouraged to complete the following courses to fulfill Modes of Inquiry in the Liberal Studies Program:

  • BIOL course in Life Science
  • CHEM or PHYS course in Physical Science
  • POL 161 American National Government is recommended to fulfill the Missouri Statute