MAE: Admission Process

Admission Process for Master of Arts in Education Program Admission ProcessĀ 

  1. Meet with the MAE certification analyst and the faculty member in your MAE specialty area as soon as you have interest in the program. Early planning (even as a first-year student) helps ensure timely completion of undergraduate requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Education program.
  2. Typically, you apply for the MAE the first semester of your senior year. (There is a rolling admissions where applications are considered in September, October, November, February, March or April.)
Deanna Schmidt 6

I initially chose to come to Truman because I was impressed with the numbers that compared well with other universities: average test scores, retention rates, job placements, rankings, degree programs, etc. I knew these statistics would provide me with a solid foundation of a well-rounded college education, and I was confident in my college choice. After arriving at Truman my freshman year, though, I realized that Truman has so much more to offer beyond our impressive statistics. We have a student body filled with individuals who inspire and motivate their peers, and a campus community that fosters life-long learning.

Deanna S., History Pre-MAE