MAE: Social Science/History Education

Master of Arts in Education: Specialty Area Requirements for Secondary Social Science/History Education

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree in history or a social science discipline (history degree preferred, or at least a range of history coursework if the degree is in another discipline).
  2. Strongly prefer a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in all coursework.
  3. Require a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major.
  4. Require that at least one of the three letters of reference in the application be from a professor in the student’s major who can speak to the candidate’s ability to succeed in graduate level history courses.  Other letters should reflect specifically on either the candidate’s academic strengths or the candidate’s potential to provide a positive influence on young people in a classroom setting.
  5. Evidence (as displayed in the personal statement, letters of reference, and the candidate’s experiences) of the ability to work effectively with high school students.
  6. Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and disposition for teaching.

Social Science/History Education Faculty:

Kathryn Brammall

Deanna Schmidt 6

I initially chose to come to Truman because I was impressed with the numbers that compared well with other universities: average test scores, retention rates, job placements, rankings, degree programs, etc. I knew these statistics would provide me with a solid foundation of a well-rounded college education, and I was confident in my college choice. After arriving at Truman my freshman year, though, I realized that Truman has so much more to offer beyond our impressive statistics. We have a student body filled with individuals who inspire and motivate their peers, and a campus community that fosters life-long learning.

Deanna S., History Pre-MAE