Master of Athletic Training Program

MAT Mission, Goals and Objectives

Mission of the Master of Athletic Training Program

It is the mission of the Truman State University professional-level Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program to develop critical thinking athletic training professionals who are able to meet the diverse demands of the profession. The program strives to produce educated professionals who give back to the profession.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Maintain appropriate first-time pass rates for the Board of Certification Exam.1a1.1. Students will successfully take the Board of Certification Exam.
1a1.2. Students will demonstrate strong didactic skills of athletic training knowledge.
1a1.3. Students will demonstrate proficient clinical skills.
Goal 2: Maintain strong student retention rates.2a. Students will persist in the program.
2b. Students find satisfaction in the experiences within the program.
Goal 3: Maintain strong student graduation and employment rates.3a. Students will graduate from the program on time.
3b. Students will gain employment upon graduation.
Goal 4: Promote a sense of service to the profession.4a. Students will participate in service for the athletic training profession.
Goal 5: Teach clinical decision making and critical thinking among students.5a. Students will practice clinical decision-making skills.
5b. Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
Goal 6: Promote a growth mindset among students.6a. Students will participate in conducting research.
6b. Students seek additional knowledge beyond the classroom.
Goal 7: Prepare students for employment in a variety of settings.7a. Provide a variety of clinical experiences.
7b. Expose students to a variety of patient populations.
Goal 8: Promote professional and ethical behaviors among students8a. Students will demonstrate professional behavior during clinical rotations of the program.
8b. Students will demonstrate ethical behavior during clinical rotations of the program.