Academic Forms

FORMS: Academic Affairs Office/Provost

  • Academic Dishonesty Report Form
  • Graduation Participation Form
  • New Diploma Request Form
  • Overload Form: Students need to fill this form out to enroll for greater than 17 credit hours. Go to McClain 104 to obtain a signature from the Registrar.
  • Grade Appeal Form
  • Student-Initiated Courses Request for Proposals (SIC)—cover sheet included in guidelines
  • Withdrawal: Students now withdraw from the university online via TruView under “My Registration.”
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Course Forms:

  • Proposal Form for Template Writing-Enhanced Courses
  • Revenue Generating Request Form
  • New & Continuing Workshop Approval Form

Academic Personnel-Related Forms:

  • Personnel Action Notice Inventory Checklist (PANIC Form)—accompanies promotion, tenure & reappointment documents – completed by school office
  • Approval for Payment for Additional Assignments Form—for faculty overload or other additional assignments under $1500 per person
  • Contract Initiation Form—for generating a contract if amount to be paid is $1500 or more
  • Non-Academic Personnel Action Notice Form—for hiring staff, for resignations, change of department, etc.
  • Summer Contract Initiation Form—for generating a contract for summer assignments as well as May or August Interim)
  • Personnel Request Form—this is used for both faculty & staff position requests & must be completed for approval to advertise
  • Position Justification Form—must accompany the Search Request Form
  • Moving Expense Policy
  • Moving Expense Report
  • Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form
  • Faculty Search Expense Form—for departments/schools to request reimbursement of up to $3,000 for search expenses

Hiring Forms:

  • Search Request Forms—used to provide details regarding a search, including advertising, and to seek approval to search
  • Candidates for Campus Interview—complete for approval to bring candidates to campus
  • Selection of Final Candidates Following Campus Interview
  • Recommendation for Faculty Appointment—a request to hire or appoint someone to a faculty or contract position
  • Instructor Information Form—Departments must submit this information to the Office of Academic Affairs to enter or change instructor information in Banner

Other Forms:

  • New Faculty Moving Expense Reimbursement Report Form
  • Short Term Visitor ID Card Request Form
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FORMS: Registrar’s Office

  • Address Change For currently enrolled students only. Alumni, please contact the Advancement Office to update your records.
  • Change of Major/Minor/Catalog— Now Online via Truview on the Student Tab then under Student Data
  • Consent to Release/Exchange Information Form
  • Enrollment Fees Appeal
  • Grade Appeal Petition
  • Graduation Participation
  • International Student – Reduced Course Load Form
  • Name Change Application
  • Missouri Residency Application
  • Organizational Verification Request
  • Overload Form
  • Parental Affidavit for Academic Information
  • Permission to Release Educational Records
  • Pre-Approval for Transfer Credit Form
  • Replacement Diploma
  • Request to Lift Directory Restriction
  • Student Employee Understanding of FERPA Form
  • Substitution Form
  • Transcript Request
  • Waiver of Graduation Requirements Request


  • A Guide to the Registration Process
  • A Guide to Transferring Credit
  • A Guide to the Graduation Process
  • A Guide to the Substitution Process
  • DegreeWorks Reference Guide
  • Double Counting Guidelines & Double Counting Grid (Use in Conjunction with Degree Works)
  • FAQ about Special Course Fees
  • TruView and Grade Information for Off-Campus Students (distributed by instructors during off-campus classes)
  • TruView and Banner Self-Service Information for New Faculty (distributed at new faculty orientation)
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Curriculum Change Information

(available under Faculty Tab in TruView)

  • Instructions for filling out Curriculum Forms
  • Curriculum Forms Calendar
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Style Guide
  • Course Update Form
  • Curricular Changes to Majors and Minors
  • New Course Approval Form
  • New Minor Approval Form
  • New Major Approval Form
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Can’t find the form you need?

View additional listing of forms categorized by academic program/department/office or let us know by emailing a description of the form to so we can track down the form.