The Philosophy and Religion Department encourages students to develop habits of the mind that lead to freedom of thought and inquiry. The Department’s emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and clear communication skills creates reflective thinkers who can engage with complex ideas and arguments. Through critical and empathetic analysis, students come away with a sense of intellectual independence and appreciation of interdisciplinary considerations.

Degrees and Programs

Philosophy and Religion Conference

The Philosophy and Religion Department organizes a conference each year in which students across the nation can share their research results and network with people of various backgrounds. A typical conference includes several undergraduate presentations and a guest lecture.
About the Conference

Departmental Accomplishments

Philosophy and Religion faculty, students, and alumni use their skills to examine life's most profound questions. See how they are making an impact through a variety of accomplishments.


Exploring Life's Fundamental Questions

The Philosophy and Religion program is dedicated to helping students develop a mastery of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills along with effective communication.

Goals of the Philosophy and Religion Program

  • Broad, foundational understanding of the history and practices of philosophies and religions
  • Engaged familiarity with methodological questions in philosophy and religious studies
  • Knowledgeable appreciation of other disciplines and of philosophical issues and questions of religion that relate to other disciplines
  • Critical and empathetic textual acuity
  • Cognitive skills
  • Communication and argumentation skills
  • Intellectual independence
  • Capacity for open-mindedness and ethical sensitivity