HES: College of Optometry at UMSL

Articulation Agreement
University of Missouri – St. Louis College of Optometry and
Truman State University’s Health and Exercise Sciences Department

University of Missouri – St. Louis College of Optometry (UMSL) agrees to provide an automatic interview with priority interview scheduling to Health and Exercise Sciences (HES) Department applicants from Truman State University pending favorable evaluation of required credentials during the admissions process. Applicants who are not admitted under this agreement, as well as all other HES applicants who meet UMSL’s minimum admissions criteria, will be considered under UMSL’s traditional rolling admissions process.

To participate in this agreement, HES applicants must have completed the following criteria prior to matriculating into the professional program at UMSL:

  1. Receive a Bachelor of Science degree in either Exercise Science or Health Science from Truman State University
  2. Have a 3.5 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in math/science and prerequisite courses
  3. Achieve a minimum score of at least 310 on the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) with no section score of the OAT under 300
  4. Complete a minimum of 40 hours of observation under the direct supervision of an optometrist
  5. Complete the prerequisite courses (refer to the list below).
  6. Provide at least one letter of recommendation from a practicing, non-family member optometrist
  7. Completed application for admission received at UMSL no later than October 1st

Truman students admitted under this articulation agreement will be invited to return to Truman’s campus during professional years 1 and 2 in order to aid in student recruitment to UMSL. A stipend will be provided by UMSL to cover travel expenses associated with these visits.


Required Prerequisites
ENG 190 Writing as Critical Thinking
Completion of Truman’s Writing Enhanced requirement

CHEM 130 General Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 131 General Chemistry II with Lab
CHEM 329 Organic Chemistry I with Lab (this may include CHEM 330 or 333 as the Lab) or CHEM 320 Foundations of Organic Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry II*
CHEM 335 Biochemistry*

Human Anatomy and Human Physiology:
BIOL 325 Human Physiology with Lab*
BIOL 365/365L Human Anatomy with Lab*

BIOL 107 Introduction to Biology I with Lab
BIOL 304 General Microbiology and Lab
BIOL 353 Pathophysiology*
BIOL 309 Histology*
BIOL 520 Immunology (or 520G)*

PHYS 185 College Physics I with Lab
PHYS 186 College Physics II with Lab

PYSC 166 General Psychology
One additional psychology course

MATH 198 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
STAT 190 Basic Statistics
Note: May take MATH 192 or 194 but must provide evidence of a basic knowledge of trigonometry (e.g. high school courses or MATH 157 Trigonometry)

Two courses (e.g., philosophy, religion, literature, fine arts, logic, ethics, foreign language) minimum 6 semester/ 8 quarter hours

*Must complete four (at least one option from each area) of these seven courses – will need additional pre-requisites for some of these courses

Updated 3/21/2018