HES Senior Exit Exams

  • Exercise Science Majors
    The American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) examination is the official senior exit examination of the major. Please visit ACSM’s website for more information about the Certified Exercise Physiologist examination. Students who wish to take an exam, other than the official senior exit exam, must cover the cost of the second exam.
  • Health Science Majors
    Health Science majors are required to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination as the senior exit examination for the major. This assessment tool affords our students to obtain validation of their education through a nationally recognized examination in their specialized field of study.
    Truman is among only a handful of colleges or universities in the country that provides this opportunity for its graduates. Performance on the examination is non-punitive; graduation is not contingent upon whether a student passes or fails the examination. Truman State University will cover the cost of this examination, however the exam is only offered twice per year. Spring and Summer graduates must take the examination on the April test date; Fall graduates must take the examination on the October test date. The exam is held on campus. The Assessment and Testing Office will notify prospective graduates in May/June (for the October exam) or January (for the April exam) how to register for the exam. It is very important that summer graduates apply for graduation by October prior to the April exam, so that the Assessment Office is notified of their plans. If a student wishes to take the GRE in addition to the CHES exam, the student must cover the cost of the GRE. Additional information about the exam may be obtained online from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Inc. web site. The Seven Areas of Responsibility, comprised of Competencies and Sub-competencies, can be found at the following: www.nchec.org/responsibilities-and-competencies.