Music Department Mission

The mission of the Truman State University Music Department is to provide an exemplary music education for Truman students and to serve as a cultural resource for the community. To this end, the Department supports the liberal arts mission of the university by offering engaging academic programs and meaningful artistic experiences within a supportive community, and it seeks to inspire students to lead meaningful, productive, and interconnected lives.

Through the work of our faculty, students, and staff, the Music Department will:

  • attract a promising and diverse group of musician scholars;
  • provide high-quality performing opportunities for our students, as well as programming a variety of musical events for our community and region;
  • provide comprehensive curricula for music majors that cultivate a depth of scholarship, pedagogy, and creative work;
  • support the university‚Äôs liberal arts mission by providing academic opportunities for all Truman students to explore music; and
  • prepare students to succeed in their chosen careers and cultivate a lifelong love of music.