Military Science Department

Facilities and Labs

Theory of leadership and management taught in the classroom is reinforced with experiential learning and hands-on training during leadership labs where you get the opportunity to exercise both mind and body.  A well-established leadership development program reinforces this training with leadership opportunities where you can practice leading your peers through multiple scenarios.  This process is supplemented with documented developmental counseling where you identify and reflect on your strengths/weaknesses and take necessary steps to improve over time.

Problem-Solving/Team-Building Obstacles

  • Twelve problem-solving/team-building obstacles are used to facilitate hands-on leadership development. These obstacles are also used by different varsity sports, summer camps, and community organizations.

Rappel Tower

  •  A 45-foot rappel tower with wall and open rappelling and a two-lane climbing wall provides adventure training that assists with team building.

Firing Range and Land Navigation Courses

  • Military science students have access to a state-certified weapons firing range and thousands of acres of public land within 10 minutes of campus where we have established multiple Land Navigation Courses.

Prior Military Base

  • Truman has additional access to a small prior military base from the World War II era with multiple buildings where we practice tactical leadership and team building with the use of Airsoft Weapons.Rapel Tower_2014_2