Army ROTC Course Descriptions

Introduction to Military Science
(MS 100 and MS 101)

Two CDTs looking at a map
One of our senior CDTs helping an MS100 read a map for a land navigation exercise during a superlab.

The MS I year consists of two semesters and teaches an introduction to leadership. MS 100 and MS 101 are required for all cadets. Students learn basic soldiering skills, the Army Values, health and fitness, effective communication, and U.S. Military customs and courtesies. This year facilitates a foundation to build on as they progress through the program and prepare for their future careers as Army officers. MS 100 and MS 101 also fulfill the “Personal Well Being” essential skill required of all students to complete their degrees.

Perspectives in Leadership
(MS 200 and MS 201)

Field Exercise Training
Senior CDTs instruct underclassmen on Army tactics during a Field Training Exercise.

The MS II year consists of the sophomore level courses required by all cadets. In MS 200 and 201, cadets continue to build a strong foundation of leadership. The classes cover areas such as team building, situational leadership, effective Army briefing, interpersonal communication, effective writing, Army rank and structure, duties, traditions, map reading, land navigation, and an introduction to troop leading procedures. Cadets also gain familiarization with battle drills and patrolling.

Military Leadership Development and Advanced Leadership Development
(MS 300 and MS 301)

Three CDTs looking at a map
CDTs collaborate to complete a task during a midweek lab.

The MS III year is required for all cadets in order to commission as an Army Officer (in addition to completion of MS I, MS II, or Cadet Initial Entry Training). During the MS III year, cadets learn tactical leadership including patrolling and squad combat operations. They become fluent in operations orders and troop leadership including patrolling and squad combat operations. They continue to build their land navigation and map reading skills. The skills gained and built upon during the MS III year prepare cadets for the mandatory Cadet

Summer Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the summer of Junior year.

Seminar and Advanced Seminar in Leadership & Management
(MS 400 and MS 401)

Group of CDTs in a classroom
MS IV Cadets travelled to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., for their “Senior Staff Ride” where they learned about specific historical battles in preparation for their new leadership roles following commission.

In addition to MS I, II, and III level coursework, MS IV courses are required for all cadets in order to commission as an Army Officer. These courses are the last stop before obtaining the rank of Second Lieutenant (2LT). In MS 400 and MS 401, cadets continue to build upon the skills they acquired in MS I, II, and III in addition to gaining hands-on leadership experience by running lab exercises for the MS I, II, and III students. MS IV cadets grade and mentor MS III cadets by providing helpful feedback and tips.