About ROTC

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at Truman State University

The U.S. Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a first-class leadership development program that offers you an unparalleled opportunity for personal development. A minor in leadership, it compliments any academic field of study. The program requires only a few hours each week and offers hands-on leadership and management training that develops the confidence and discipline you need to succeed in any field. You’re prepared for success—be it in the Army or civilian occupation. Truman graduates receive a degree and a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. Assignment into the Reserves may be guaranteed allowing for the pursuit of a civilian career.

ROTC Scholarships

ROTC is one of the nation’s leading sources of college scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on merit, not financial need. Army ROTC Scholarships pay full tuition and on-campus educational expenses plus a flat rate ($1,200 yearly) for textbooks, classroom supplies and materials. Scholarship students also receive a $300-$500 stipend per school month for the duration of their scholarship. This adds up to $47,200-$68,800 worth of education money depending on in-state or out-of-state status and the duration of the scholarships.

Four-Year Scholarships: High school seniors and juniors interested in four-year Army ROTC scholarships can find more information or apply online at www.goarmy.com/rotc or call 1-800-USA-ROTC. You can also contact Justin Hirniak, ROTC Enrollment/Scholarship Officer at Truman, for assistance in applying for a scholarship. We can enhance these scholarships with room and board incentives for four-year and three-year Advanced Designee scholarship winners. You must have a minimum ACT of 25 and maintain a 3.25 GPA in order to earn and retain this incentive.

ROTC Courses

Basic Course
During your freshman and sophomore years, you can participate in the ROTC Basic Course. Enrollment can be on a trial basis for up to two years with no obligation.

MS 100/101 Introduction to Military Science I/II
Basic leadership skills and development, basic military skills, adventure training as well as life skills are emphasized in these courses. Together, these courses fulfill the Personal Well-Being as an Essential Skill requirement.

MS 200/201 Perspectives in Leadership I/II
Emphasis is on developing leadership skills and self-confidence. You learn and practice leadership techniques and study communications skills, human behavior, motivation, ethics, counseling, and general principles of organizational and individual leadership. MS 201 also meets the Writing Enhanced Requirement.

Leader’s Training Course
Students without ROTC Basic Course credit (MS 100/101, 200/201) can experience the Army, qualify for Advanced Course entry, and earn a two-year scholarship. This program is a leadership-oriented, challenging, and motivating four-week summer program. You can receive up to $1,200 and seven credit hours to include “Personal Well Being” as an essential skill credit upon completion of the Leader’s Training Course.

Advanced Course
As juniors and seniors, you can continue in the ROTC program by enrolling into the Advanced Course. Upon completion of the Advanced Course, Truman recognizes a minor in Military Science.

MS 300/301 Military Leadership Development/ Advanced Leadership Development  (Preparation for Advanced Camp)
This Leadership Practicum in management, decision-making and problem solving in small group situations emphasizes basic military leadership, tactical and technical skills development.

Leadership Development and Assessment Course
The Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) provides the best possible professional training and evaluation for all cadets. The primary focus at LDAC is to assess each cadet’s leadership potential. Cadets attend this camp the summer after their junior year. Truman students receive six credit hours upon completion of LDAC.

MS 400/401 Seminar: Leadership & Management/ Advanced Seminar: Leadership & Management
Advanced leadership skills, counseling, personal management, training management, written and oral communications, and military skills are emphasized in this seminar. Stress is also placed on professional and personnel ethics, personal finance planning, the military logistical system, and military law.

ROTC Extracurricular Activities

Truman ROTC sponsors many on-campus organizations, including Ranger Challenge and Buddy Challenge Teams, Color Guard/Cannoneer Team, Recondo Club, and Sharpshooters. ROTC members also participate in community service programs throughout the year.

For more information, contact:
Justin Hirniak
ROTC Enrollment/Scholarship Officer
Truman State University