MAE Program Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Education Program at Truman State University is to prepare reflective practitioners grounded in the Liberal Arts. Our practitioners are skilled in bridging theory and practice. They are informed by a well-developed understanding of content, pedagogy, learners, and learning environments. We believe the human condition can be bettered by teaching and learning rooted in caring, innovation, reflection, and research-based practice.

Program Philosophy

The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program at Truman upholds five qualities of a well-developed educator as pillars for building teacher quality:

  • Possess a strong academic foundation
  • Maintain knowledge within the specialization or discipline
  • Practice reflection in action
  • Be rooted in liberal studies
  • Grounded in a professional mindset

An educator with a strong foundational knowledge in his/her discipline, equipped with the skills to support others’ developing conceptualizations of that discipline, the ability to reflect upon their practice of those skills, and the disposition to conduct themselves as a professional will build upon their liberal studies to ensure achievement for all students they encounter.