Why study a foreign language?

Monolingual Myopia:

Debates are sizzling about the efficacy of American education in preparing students for the global economy. Graduates face escalating competition as millions of recent job entrants hit the market from expanding middle-class economies such as India, China and Brazil. Of all the competencies that have the potential to set young Americans apart as they seek jobs, languages are most often overlooked. 3/20/2015

Calling All Spanish-Speaking Lawyers:

Regardless of one’s political position on the issue of immigration, it is undeniable that America is a dynamic, multicultural, and multilingual country, with quickly growing populations of predominantly Spanish-speaking individuals. . . . the Spanish-speaking attorney will be successful in opening his or her business to additional clientele, and most importantly, the attorney will be actively promoting access to justice in the community.

Article by Elizabeth Bonanno Jan. 21, 2015. She was a Spanish/Political Science major, graduating from Truman State University, 2009.