Classical and Modern Languages Department

Mission Statement

The Classical and Modern Languages Department, through its dedicated and highly skilled faculty, its breadth and depth of language offerings and programs, and its supportive environment:

  • creates connections across time and space, broadening historical and intercultural perspectives,
  • develops student appreciation for significant cultural achievements across disciplines,
  • challenges students to engage in a critical comparison of their own and other cultures and to appreciate diverse perspectives,
  • fosters effective communication skills, both written and oral, as well as sensitivity to culturally determined non-verbal interaction,
  • invites students to participate in research opportunities and to engage in civic and global service,
  • cultivates students whose language and intercultural skills provide them with a competitive edge in applying for national and international grants, graduate study, and careers,
  • and ignites curiosity, self-reflection, and self-expression, deepening personal enrichment, and creating better, more informed global citizens

Mission Statement for Classical and Modern Languages Department