Classical and Modern Languages Department

Celebrating Faculty Success

Faculty Notables

Dr. Stacy Davis (Spanish) forthcoming publication: “Imperial Anxieties and Urbane Transgressions: The Indianos of Benito Pérez Galdós’s Lo prohibido” in Decimonónica: Revista de producción cultural hispánica decimonónica (Winter issue, 2023)

Dr. Stacy Davis (Spanish) forthcoming publication: “Rompecabezas alegóricas: Armando dos piezas compartidas en la cuentística de Benito Pérez Galdós y Emilia Pardo Bazán” (forthcoming in Anales Galdosianos 57 Número monográfico: Pardo Bazán y Pérez Galdós: consonancias y convergencias con ocasión de dos centenarios, November 2022)

Dr. Stacy Bryant (Spanish) published: ‘Examining the adoption and spread of ecclesiastical Gallicisms in Old Spanish’. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 98.8 (2021) 717-733.

Dr. Betty McLane-Iles (French) publication: The second edition of her fourth book and first novel DIEPPE CROSSING (2008), a historical work of literary fiction on the Spanish Civil War (1936-38) and the German Occupation of France (1940-1944), has been published by Page Turner Press.

Dr. Antonio Scuderi (Italian) has been invited by Northwestern University Press to contribute a book blurb for The Theater of Narration by Juliet Guzzetta.

Dr. Stacy Davis (Spanish): Forthcoming publication La alegoría metaficticia de la muerte del arte en Doña Berta part of edited volume Crear entre mundos: nuevas tendencias en la metaficción española (Editorial Albatros)

Dr. Greg Richter (German/English): Awarded Truman’s annual Faculty Mentoring Award (2020).

Dr. Antonio Scuderi (Italian) has been invited to participate in “Writing Orality,” a webinar on written and oral traditions by Early Text Cultures at the University of Oxford, March 31.

Dr. Carlo Annelli (Italian): Published “Teachers, Students and Social Margins on the Italian Screen.” Italica – Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Italian. 97.1 (2020): 113-134.

Dr. Amy Norgard (Classics): Awarded Truman State University’s Academic Innovation Award for a semester-long project in Intermediate Latin called “Living Latin through Modern Music” (2019). Delivered the keynote address at the University of Kansas’ Oliver Phillips Colloquium in a lecture entitled “Energizing the Community and Classics through Service” (2019).

Dr. Lucy Lee (Spanish): Re-elected, National President, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (Sigma Delta Pi) 2019-2022.

Dr. Amy Norgard (Classics): Awarded a Faculty-Undergraduate Collaborative Research Grant (Classical Association for the Middle West and South) for “Johann Joseph Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum: Missing Chapters of a Neo-Latin Treatise” (2019).

Dr. José Carreño-Medina (Spanish): Published “La descolonización epistémica del otro: cuatro viñetas negras en Tres lindas cubanas de Gonzalo Celorio.” Chasqui: revista de literatura latinoamericana, vol. 47, no 2, 2018, pp. 113- 123.

Dr. Jack Davis (German): Published “Excess, Failure, Over-identification: the Influence of Camp on Schlingensief’s Making of Transcultural Theater.” Postdramatisches Theater als transkulturelles Theater. Eds. Teresa Kovacs and Koku Nonoa. Tübingen: Narr Franke Attempto (Forum Modernes Theater), 2018.

Dr. Greg Richter (German and Linguistics): Co-edited Wyatt, Charles. Rembrandt’s Nose. Port Townsend: Ex Ophidia Press, 2018 [The poems are reflections on Rembrandt’s painting and drawings.]

Dr. Antonio Scuderi (Italian): Edited and contributed three essays to Remembering the Consummate Playwright/Performer: Essays on Dario Fo, Leicester UK: Troubador (Italian Series), 2018.

Dr. Liulin Zhang (Chinese): Published “Non-salient form in Chinese as second language instruction: Input flood of Chinese notional passive construction.” Chinese as a Second Language Research, 7(2), 249-276. 2018.

Dr. Amy Norgard (Classics): Awarded a Missouri Campus Compact Mini-Grant for the service project “Teaching Literacy through Latin” (2017-2018).

Dr. Jack Davis (German): Published “Schlingensief plays Parsifal: Melancholy, Community and the German past in Mea Culpa. Eine ReadyMadeOper.” Art of Wagnis. Christoph Schlingensief’s Crossing of Wagner and Africa. Eds. Fabian Lehmann, et al. Wien: Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2017.

Dr. Óscar Sendón (Spanish): Published  “La relación militar de un hombre sin alma: Alonso de Contreras frente al proceso civilizador.” Hispanófila 179 (2017): 97-110. Published “Marcas y convenciones genéricas en el Discurso de mi vida (1630) de Alonso de Contreras y otras vidas de soldados de la Primera Modernidad.” Bulletin of Spanish Studies 94.3 (2017): 399-415.

Dr. Greg Richter (German and Linguistics): Edited-Morrell, Heidi. Old as Rainfall: Nature and People. Port Townsend: Ex Ophidia Press, 2017. [The poems provide a lyrical look at the natural world and our interior landscape.]

Dr. José Carreño-Medina (Spanish): Published “Canción”. La Palabra y el Hombre. Revista de la Universidad Veracruzana, no. 41, 2017, p. 15 and Como si fuese a dejar la tierra. Madrid: Áltera, 2017. Edited- Hult, Alexandria, and Lydia Pearson. Sangro Tinta. Edited by José Clemente Carreño Medina. México: Ediciones TintaNueva, 2017.

Dr. Liulin Zhang (Chinese): Published “Base-Generated or Movement-Derived: Antecedent Priming in the Processing of the Chinese OSV Topic Sentence” in the Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies, 5(1), 1-24, 2017. The Chinese Notional Passive Construction under the View of Cognitive Construction Grammar. Acta Linguistica Asiatica, 8(2), 83-110.

Dr. José Carreño-Medina (Spanish): Published Guerra de palabras. México: Ediciones TintaNueva, 2016.

Dr. Stacy Bryant (Spanish): Published Teaching Authorial Style and Literary Technique: Exemplo XI of El Conde Lucanor in the journal Hispania in June 2016.

Dr. Stacy Davis (Spanish): Winner of Asociación Internacional de Galdosistas’ Peter Bly Award –Best Dissertation for 2016-2017 on Spanish author Benito Pérez Galdós.

Prof. Alex Tetlak (Classics)Won Truman “Teacher of the Year”, 2015-2016.

Dr. Bridget Thomas (Classics)Appointed Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2016-2019.

Dr. Lucy Lee (Spanish)Re-elected, National President, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (Sigma Delta Pi) 2016-2019.

Dr. Jack Davis (German): Named co-editor of Communications of the International Brecht Society, 2016-2018.

Dr. Amy Norgard (Classics): Elected State Vice-President for Missouri of The Classical Association of the Middle West and South (2015-2018).

Dr. José Carreño Medina (Spanish): Published Serpientes y escaleras. Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2016.

Dr. Gregory Richter (German/Linguistics):  Published translation of Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents. Edited by Todd Dufresne. Calgary: Broadview. 2015.

Dr. Óscar Sendón (Spanish): Published “Del soldado de los tercios al reportero de guerra: El hombre de acción en José Ortega y Gasset y Arturo Pérez-Reverte.” Hispania 98.4 (2015): 679-688.