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The study of a second language engages people in the exploration of cultural diversity: new worlds of people, customs, literature, and history suddenly become more understandable when they can be approached directly through the primary language. It is one of the cornerstones of a liberal arts and sciences education and provides a skill set that uniquely equips the second language learner for today’s diverse workplace and globalized economy.

Truman is the place to study languages. You can major in Classics (Latin/Greek) or in Modern Language with specialization in French, German, Russian, Spanish or a combination of languages. You can pursue a minor in ChineseFrench, French Minor in Translation, German, Greek, Italian Studies, Japanese, Latin, Russian Studies, Spanish, and Spanish for the Professions. We also offer Interdisciplinary minors in Asian StudiesClassical Studies, and Foreign Language Teacher Preparation. Many students choose more than one.

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages also supports the Master of Arts in Education French and Spanish degrees.

Dr. Ernst Hintz publishes new bookDr. Ernst Hintz publishes new book

January 19, 2021

“A joy in the university community is to inspire a new generation through your own scholarship.” The End-Times in Medieval German Literature: Evil, Sin, and the Apocalypse. Edited by Ernst Ralf Hintz (Truman State University) and Scott E. Pincikowski (Hood College), Camden House: Rochester, New York, December 2019. ISBN—13: 978-1-57113-989-4    

Senior Classics Symposium Fall 2020

November 25, 2020

Senior Classics Majors presented the fruits of their semester-long research projects at the Classics Senior Capstone Symposium. With presentations delivered in-person and remotely, this year’s Symposium truly exhibited adaptability on the part of the students. Presentation topics ranged from ancient Greek medicine to politics of the Roman Republic. And thanks to remote technology, even family […]

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