Truman’s Chemistry Department is dedicated to creating a community of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators through discovery and application. Combining classroom content with laboratory experience, students gain a balanced understanding of chemical foundations. The faculty and the curriculum challenge and support students in building their futures in areas such as materials science, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, and basic and applied research.

Degrees and Programs

Student Experiences


Student using microscope

Facilities and Equipment

Students obtain hands-on experience with a host of modern techniques and chemical instrumentation to build a knowledge base to be able to solve challenging scientific problems.

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Chemistry Field Guide

Explore course objectives, necessary materials, and guidelines for the chemistry program.

Chemistry Lab

Chem Lab

Course-specific information, laboratory safety, and other helpful resources for chemistry students.

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Chemistry Contact Center

Directed primarily toward students in 100- and 200-level courses, the Chemistry Contact Center (C3) offers help to all chemistry students. It provides an opportunity for students to get help from faculty members outside of class.