Art Dept Scholarship Application

Application Requirements

The application process for Art Department Scholarships is open only to incoming freshmen or transfer students.

Scholarship amount is generally $500 for one academic year ($250 per semester) but may vary depending on funds available and number of strong applications received.


  • High school graduates and transfer students with artistic aptitude who plan to pursue a degree in Art History, Studio Art or Graphic Design at Truman State University are eligible.
  • All art scholarship recipients must be a degree-seeking art major.
  • All art scholarships recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student for the academic year.

Application deadlines and timeline

  • January 18, 2022 – preferential consideration for scholarship given to applications received by this date
  • February 8, 2022 – official announcement of initial scholarship awards
  • March 14, 2022 – secondary consideration for scholarships given to applications received by this date
  • April 4, 2022 – official announcement of final scholarship awards
  • June 1, 2022 – confirmation of acceptance of scholarship due, otherwise scholarship will be cancelled

For those wishing to submit art/design work portfolios must contain at least one work demonstrating the use of color and at least one drawing from direct observation (not copied from a photograph) – PDF files preferred but JPG will also work. Six examples should be submitted. Include a text file (txt, word, or pdf) providing title, media, and dimensions.

For those wishing to submit writing and research work portfolios supply three writing samples. Citation and bibliography recommended – PDF files preferred but Word will also work. Include a text file (txt, word, or pdf) providing a brief description of the assignment for which the samples were produced.

Submit portfolios using this Google form.