School of Business Code of Ethics

We, the students of Truman State University School of Business, are a proud community with a long tradition. We pledge to honor that tradition and ourselves by academic and professional conduct that conforms to the highest standards of integrity.


  • We pledge to deal truthfully and fairly with others and abide by the University and School policies on academic conduct.


  • We pledge to respect the diverse perspectives and accomplishments of others because personal and cultural variations among people enrich us and society.
  • We pledge to respect and care for our facilities and surroundings.


  • We pledge to act with integrity and avoid situations that would encourage unethical behaviors.


  • We pledge always to strive for continuous improvement in our personal, academic, and professional performance.

We expect each student, faculty member, and administrator of Truman State University and the School of Business consistently to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement. Our bond as students of the School of Business of Truman State University will last throughout our lives. We pledge to support the Truman business programs now and in the future by remaining connected, supporting future students, and visiting campus whenever possible to share our experiences and to inspire future graduates.