School of Business: Study Abroad Opportunities

Europe in Transition Program

Study in Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Sorrento, Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice.

The Europe in Transition Program combines study and field trips using the setting of countries in Europe. The focus will be the examination of current issues and problems in the European Union (EU), the economy, and the political and social climate. This international study opportunity is provided by the Center for International Education, Truman State University.  To get a taste of what the Europe in Transition experience is like, check out the video below.  To learn more, and to apply, click on the box below the video “Europe in Transition Program: Details for Current Students.”

Europe in Transition Program: Details for Current Students

Study in China

Study Abroad in ChinaChina has become one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for students because of its long history and exciting culture. Study abroad in China allows you to view things from a Chinese perspective. Merging the knowledge of both China and your home country will give you an advantage to explore potential opportunities in China for the future.

More Study-Abroad Opportunities

Discover more study-abroad opportunities that allow you to explore learning in new and exciting ways by visiting Truman’s Center for International Education.

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