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When you pursue a degree in accounting or business administration in Truman’s School of Business, you acquire the knowledge and develop the skills to become a successful leader—and not just in business and industry. You will be well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to service organizations, governmental agencies, not-for-profits, and your community.

Academic Departments

Relevant, Broad-based Programs

A core business curriculum for all business students provides breadth of knowledge, experience, and perspectives, as well as skills you choose to develop as part of your liberal arts education. To prepare you for the fast-paced, rapidly changing global economy, the School of Business offers several academic programs:

Accounting Programs:

Business Administration Programs:

Student-focused and Skills-based Mission

Our mission guides all we do – the students we recruit, the faculty we hire, the curricula we offer, and the experiences we provide. The School of Business graduates ethically-aware prospective business and civic leaders who are effective communicators, team leaders, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.

We fulfill the mission by:

  • Admitting high-potential students from the Midwest and beyond;
  • Offering programs that embrace the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of the liberal arts;
  • Using effective teaching and learning strategies with appropriate technologies to prepare students for rapidly evolving business careers;
  • Engaging with business professionals, civic leaders, and community members to enhance student learning and readiness for the workforce, and;
  • Emphasizing faculty scholarly activity related to contributions to practice and teaching/learning with a secondary emphasis on discipline-based scholarship.

Demonstrated Excellence—AACSB Accredited

At Truman, you pursue a business education at one of only five percent of business schools worldwide that have earned AACSB accreditation. AACSB schools must pass rigorous quality standards and have proved to provide the best in business education world.

AACSB Accredited
AACSB Accredited - Accounting


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