Pre-Vet Club

The mission of the Pre-Vet Club is to foster professional relationships between its members, Truman students who are majoring in pre-veterinary medicine both in Biology and in Agricultural Science. The Pre-Vet Club also strives to prepare its members for the application process for vet school and also attempts to serve the local community by committing time and resources to worthy service projects.

Past and Future Activities

  • Visit University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine    
  • Tour Iowa State Veterinary School    
  • Visit hog operation    
  • Visit cattle operation    
  • Visit Veterinary Museum in Jefferson City, Missouri   
  • Learn about animal management (body condition scoring, breeding times, vaccination schedules)    
  • Watch foaling videos    
  • Seniors speak about personal preparation for veterinary school and discussed 4-year plans    
  • Tour the herpetology lab, read veterinary articles about reptiles    
  • Walk Humane Society dogs for adoption in the Truman Homecoming Parade    
  • Design new club shirts    
  • Have dog trainer speak about her career and dog behavior    
  • Cook dog biscuits and make pet-related items to sell at the Ryle Christmas Sale    
  • Pot-luck Christmas dinner    
  • Visit dog trainer and her new Great Dane puppies    
  • Visit University of Missouri Open House    
  • Attend the American Veterinary Medical Association Symposium    
  • Dog breed education day during National Agriculture Week    
  • Visit a St. Louis Zoo veterinarian and the St. Louis Large Animal Humane Society   
  • Consider opportunities for pet therapy at Northeast Regional Hospital    
  • Consider a program for walking dogs for the disabled    
  • Discuss opportunities for fundraising at Dog Days

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