Orientation for International Students

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Spring 2019

Thursday, January 10

  • Arrival – Be in Kirksville before 5pm. Note that you may not be able to arrive in the United States and arrive in Kirksville on the same day. Travel within the U.S. can be very slow. We recommend allowing yourself one day to travel within the United States.

Friday, January 11

  • Check in and Orientation Day 1. You must be on campus at 8:00am.

Saturday, January 12

  • Orientation Day 2

Sunday, January 13

  • Orientation Day 3

Monday, January 14

  • Classes begin

Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. CST

  • All fees and tuition are due to the Business Office by this date

All students should carefully read ALL of the pre-arrival materials below before arrival at Truman! (Only exchange and transfer students need to read the materials marked specifically for them)

  1. Intro to the Center for International Students
  2. Understanding Your I-20
  3. How to get your student visa
  4. How to legally stay in the United States
  5. Payments & Budgeting
  6. Legal Work Options
  7. American Culture 101
  8. Living On-Campus
  9. Living Off-Campus
  10. TB Testing and Immunizations
  11. U.S. Laws
  12. For Exchange Students
  13. For Transfer Students

What is Orientation?

Orientation FAQs


The atmosphere at Truman is warm. People here are friendly and are willing to help you whenever you need it. Also, there are plenty of organizations available to help international students to make new friends, understand new cultures, and enjoy life in America.

Anh Duc M., Mathematics & Economics, Vietnam