Germany: Kerstin

Kerstin BerndtKerstin Berndt

Majors: Psychology and Communication Disorders

Campus Involvement: Sigma Sigma Sigma (Greek sorority), Club Tennis

Why did you chose Truman?

Truman is the perfect size for me – it is not too big and not too small. The community is very close because of that. I can’t walk across campus without passing by two or three of my friends! Truman also has a reputation for having excellent academics.

What surprised you the most about studying at Truman?

The most surprising thing for me was probably how open the people were. When other students realize I’m not from America, they want to hear all about my life at home and how I came to study in the United States. Everyone is extremely welcoming!

How would you describe your professors?

The professors here at Truman really care about their students. The classes are small and all my professors know my name. Whenever I need help with an assignment or don’t understand a topic we talked about in class, the professors are always willing to help me and clarify what I didn’t understand.

What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite class so far has been Scientific Investigations, which is a Justice Systems class. The professor is a former police officer, and his experiences make the material so interesting. I always enjoy going to that class, and I am never bored!

How would you describe your experience making friends?

Making friends was probably one of the easiest parts of studying at Truman! Everyone lives in the dorms during their first semester, so it is very easy to get to know people. I met some of my best friends here at Truman that way. Also, getting involved on campus is very easy. There are so many organizations, and everyone can find something related to their interests. I decided to join one of the social sororities, and now I have 119 girls I can call my best friends!