Where is Truman?

The Midwest

Truman is located in the Midwest Region of the United States, a 12-state area often referred to as the “Heartland of America.” Missouri has a rich and diverse cultural heritage and is known for its small towns, large cities, and beautiful scenery. Midwesterners are praised as being open, friendly, and straightforward.

Kirksville is a small city located in Northeastern Missouri and has a population of approximately 17,000 people. It offers a safe and comfortable setting with a low cost of living. Kirksville is located 307.2 kilometers from St. Louis, Missouri, and 249.6 kilometers from Kansas City, Missouri. Truman State University and its 6,000 students make up a large part of the activities and entertainment in Kirksville.



Experience all four seasons in Kirksville! Enjoy summer, fall, winter, and spring on the Truman campus.

  • Coldest Month’s Average Temperature (January): 23.1° F (-5.0° C)
  • Warmest Month’s Average Temperature (July): 76.2° F (+24.6° C)

Things to do in Kirksville

Even though Kirksville is a small quiet town in the Midwest, there are a number of interesting attractions in town.

Kirksville offers a wide range of

  • Outdoor, city, and campus-based activities
  • Book and gift shops
  • Cafés, restaurants, and a multiplex movie theater
  • Historic downtown shopping area
  • Thousand Hills Lake and State Park
  • Camping, boating, hiking, and fishing

Locations are within easy walking distance of campus. There are also plenty of opportunities to interact with American students, and St. Louis and Kansas City are each only three hours away!

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About Truman

Luke Gittemeier

For me, Truman is made by the people I have met and the people who are found across the school. In one aspect, this is found in the organizations across campus: Greek letters painting the pavements, LARP-ing coloring the Quad, political activism sculpting the sidewalks…I feel as though everyone has a purpose — a niche that every individual can fit into.

Luke G., Nursing Major