Truman State University

A day at Truman State University is anything but typical. Come take a peek into our lively community of learners, pursuing their passions and preparing for lives that matter in their own unique way.

Celebrating International Week

In honor of International Week 2014, international students at Truman took some time to share their thoughts on everything from their biggest surprise upon arriving in the United States to their favorite American food to their favorite classes. Meet students from China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Honduras, Malaysia, Nepal and many other places around the world.

Organizations & Events

Truman Students don’t focus all their time on academics. They lead very active social lives outside the classroom, taking part in different kinds of activities, events, and joining various organizations. Truman has hundreds of professional, cultural, and Greek organizations that students can join and have an active social life. This short video talks about some of these organizations and events that are held throughout the semester at Truman State. Watch and learn more about Truman!

Current International Students

We all enjoy being at Truman and are proud to call ourselves Truman students! This video features current international students studying  at Truman. Students share their thoughts about Truman and mention the things that they like the most at Truman.

Cultural Integration Leaders

Check out the latest video on Cultural Integration Leaders!

International House

The International House is a campus organization. If you are interested in meeting other internationals or Americans in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, then come hang out at the IHouse! We work closely with the Center for International Students and the international student body at Truman to assist in practical needs. We and our American volunteers will do our best to help you adjust to and enjoy life in the United States. Come by and get to know us!

Academic Success Mentors

Academic Success Mentor is a group of American and International students who are here to help you succeed with your classes. Mentors are  also there to help you to communicate with your professors, give you tips on studying and tests taking.

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